You Will Never Walk Alone

By: razmin razak

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Saturday, 9-Dec-2006 17:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sebuah Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan

Penyarungan Cincin


Jabat tanganku, mungkin untuk yang terakhir kali
Kita berbincang tentang memori di masa itu
Peluk tubuhku usapkan juga air mataku
Kita terharu seakan tidak bertemu lagi

Karna hari ini yang kan kita rindukan
Di hari nanti sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan
Karna waktu ini yang 'kan kita banggakan di hari tua

Sampai jumpa kawanku
S'moga kita selalu
Menjadi sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan
Sampai jumpa kawanku
S'moga kita selalu
Menjadi sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan

Kar'na hari ini yang 'kan kita rindukan
Di hari nanti...

Mungkin diriku masih ingin bersama kalian
Mungkin jiwaku masih haus sanjungan kalian

Ni adalah antara lagu favourite aku masa belajaq dulu.Still is..
Dan ini pula adalah antara masa-masa paling indah bagi aku..

Wednesday, 29-Nov-2006 16:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wish You Were Here

My First Trip
A Very Cold Morning
IYKM when he was young
View all 14 photos...
This is actually a tribute to all the memories and the experience i have come to missed every time i go thru old pictures, old albums and meeting old friends. We tend to come back to old stories, old memories and even old wounds. Although all of us have grew apart due to commitment, work or sometimes we just don't talk anymore, we can never shut out those memories.
That's why, its fitting that i tribute this pictures for the good times, the bad times and most important the experience of finding god's creation and for me helping me searching my soul.

This entry is also my last entry before i reached another step in my life.
Although this is a big step form me, hopefully nothing will change in terms of friendship, cause friends are the best.
They are not forced to be with you, they want to be with you.

However, we do need someone in our life, to share our dreams with. And i believe I've found that person.

A quote from a movie, "isteri bukannya hak milik, tetapi anugerah"


So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skys from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

That is actually a favourite song among us, sang by Pink Floyd and a whole lot of other bands. Setiap kali dengar lagu tu, mesti teringat kat bebudak kembara ni.
I don't think the quality of the pictures are good, cause its all re-shot. But, its not the quality but the feeling when I'm doing this entry.
I really missed the experience, and the people that shared it with me.
Actually i have tons and tons of pictures, but i could only pick a few.
Funny, most of the camping, panjat gunung trips...ok la. All panjat gunung trips was very tiring, but we still managed to smile in front of a camera. Human reaction eh.
Same human reaction in motion here. I'm still moved seeing this pictures.
Thanks guys and gals for all the memories.

Thursday, 23-Nov-2006 10:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Ghost From The Past

Cekik Dia, Cekik Dia...
Cheyrou..Wake Up Boy....
As i was walking back to my car from office, i noticed a black cat behind a pot. Sebenarnya banyaklah kucing yang ada disekitar bandaraya GeorgeTown nih. Yang warna hitam pun dah tentu banyak. But, this particular cat reminded me of a cat i once knew.

i was going thru my old pc, and i've found a whole lot of old pictures. termasuklah gambar si Cheyrou ni that has sadly passed away, err..maybe two years ago. Ini lah kucing peliharaan yang di bin-kan kepada AhmadZakryAbadi tetapi dijaga oleh penghuni-penghuni yang lain. Derm you Chee, u are the cat killer. Sebenarnya, bukan Adik Ip yang bunuh dia, tetapi Cheyrou bunuh diri kerana tak dapat kasih sayang dari engkau, chee..
Gambar pertama tu ialah gambar dia didera oleh semua housemate. Gambar kedua lak, ialah saat-saat akhir cheyrou sebelum dia menghembuskan nafas dia terakhir selepas makan pil tido(overdose)

Sunday, 19-Nov-2006 05:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jom Kita Naik Feri

Ferry Far Away
Its Getting Nearer
THis is For Double Transport Ferry Ramp
View all 12 photos...
As of last Thursday, secara rasminya aku dah duduk di Penang selama 7 bulan. Indeed everything hasn't been all rosy. But, it hasn't been all bad. Moving to a new place can be really stressful, hectic and all that.
Tapi, it does gives us an opportunity to test yourself in a new environment. For me, this is really atest for me. Away for regular faces, away from friends, away from family, away from things you normally do everyday. The worse thing is, being alone. Maybe i reached a point of my age, being comfortable with the circle of friends i already have. But, sometimes you gotta open yourself up to new things, new friends, new norms. And thats what i have here in Penang.
I have the chance to try being independent again.
Thanks Penang..

This ferry trip was done during the fasting month. Memang la gambar lama, aku sekarang ni banyak gambar lama jer. No new pictures(sama cam gambar jerebu tu).Been quite busy with stuff...SMI.
Back to the pictures and thoughts. The ferry trip was very nice(to me). Maybe because i don't use it everyday, i was quite thrill with the ride. Dengan angin bertiup di muka kita, sambil dapat menghirup udara segar(tapi ada gak time-time potong dia). We can also see eagles in the sky. Arghh...i dunno. It seems just like im on vacation when i ride the ferry.
The trip was going to Kuala Perlis for sea food with a couple of old friends for buka posa. I tell you, ive been to a lot of sea food places, Hulu Langat, Klang, Melaka...nothing beats Kola Perlis(kedai Linda). Situ memang for me is TERBAIKKK...
Unfortunately, no pictures on the feast. I was busy eating.

Thursday, 9-Nov-2006 00:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Where Is The Bridge?
Biasalah, kita ni kalau benda tak jadi depan mata, we take things for granted. take for instance, jerebu. Masa time jerebu, semua org sibuk. Dalam papers pun hari-hari cerita jerebu, minister sana sini bising.Rasanya like the whole wolrd dah jadi the world of silent hill(game PS2). And then, bila hari dah mula hujan-hujan, jerebu pun hilang.
Dan kita pun bersyukur.
Tapi lelama kita pun lupa betapa teruknya jerebu tahun ni, lagi teruk dari tahun lepas rasanya.
Tahun lepas(waktu yg lebih kurang sama), i celebrated Jerebu in KL, but this year sambut jerebu kat Penang. Dah boleh jadi perayaan lak jerebu ni, yelaaa...tiap-tiap tahun sure ada punye..

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