You Will Never Walk Alone

By: razmin razak

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Goodbye Sunshine
Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
Typical City
Goodbye Penang.
After one year and 2 weeks, Im moving back to my hometown.

Things that i would definately miss are:
a)the sunrise
b)the sea
c)the bridge
d)the not so 'jammed' up city
e)leave home for office at 8AM.
f)reach office 8:15AM(with jam)
g)nasi goreng yg kaya dgn udang yg besaq-besaq
h)baju liverpool yg rare yg member aku bagi
i)the breeze(although sometimes it does have a funny smell..hehe)

Although Penang was good to me, i was still out of my place.
Thank you friends that have welcomed me there.

Some would say, why would i throw away the chance to stay as i had an almost perfect life there? Good home, good job, great view, good friends. But, at the end of the day...we still need what we sometimes take for granted(usually when we are young), which is family. Its not that i have difficulty to leave far from family, heck i lived in the northern states for 5 years when i was studying and even during holiday breaks i would stay back to go hiking with friends.
The thing is, once you have your own family..certain things becomes a priority.
And, for my own family...the one Insyallah I'll have when my wife gives birth this Raya i came back.

And so, here i am..back in the city. I still hate the traffic jam. It takes me 45 minutes to reach the office(and i leave home at 7AM).

So long Penang, I'll be seeing you soon.

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Hari Mohsein Kahwin

Pengantin Baru Sampai
Betulkan Balik Tudung Ni Kak?
Okey Tak Tanjak Ni..
View all 18 photos...
First of all, congrats la kepada Mohsein aka MorkyMoqq on your wedding hari tu. And then, thousand apologies pasai aku baru sempatnak upload time-time cuti nih. Aku sibuk sangat la bro, sampai tak sempat la nak menjenguk FP nih. Thousand apologies.
And, yes this are the pictures of MorkyMoqq's wedding on the 21st of April 07. Nope, i am not the official photographer here, just there to accompany a freind who was assigned to capture the moments. And, sambil-sambil tu nak la merasa nasi minyak mamat moqq nih.
And, it was a wonderful wedding.

The pengantins were fabulous.

The crowd was huge. Rasanya satu kampung datang hari tuh.

The wedding itself, to me was a mixture of modern and traditional elements, which we seldom see in weddings nowdays(weddings yg aku pegi la).

But, bagi aku yg paling 'moment', is the look of your elders seeing you grown up as a man.

Sekali lagi Moqq, selamat pengantin baru(takla baru sangat dah..heheh) kat hang. Moga dapat anak yg comei-comei cam hangpa berdua.

p/s--sorry aku balik awai hari tu, hidung aku tak sihat aaa...

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Kinabalu Trip- 4 Days To Remember

Berehat Kat Akinabalu
Hujan Lebat-Not A good Sign
Dunno What The Future Holds For Us
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Sunday 18th Mac 07

Woke up around 4:30am. Kena la kann...flight to Kota Kinabalu was scheduled at 7:00am. Check in is 45 minutes before departure time. Semua liat-liat la nak bangun, tapi woke up we did. Adik Ip dan DidieChee merupakan rombongan menghantar ke LCCT. Quite a rush coz we barely made it. No worries. Flight was on schedule and i slept almost the whole way. Ngantuk maaa....although the view was excellent, i prefer sleep. Joni did too....

I think, we arrive in KK around 10:30am. Lepas stretching our legs after a long flight kat airport, baru nak start thinking of the next plan. You see, we came from KL in two teams. First team is Joni, CheeKong, Ruxza Ruffedge and Me. While, the 2nd team is Pok Leh and Ah Lou(yg hensem tu). They had to next flight as they came in late in the plan to KK.
So, we waited for them in our hostel, which by the way was very excellent. It was clean, helpful and very pleasent. The only problem was it was a little bit far from the important places in town. Akinabalu Hostel is the name, and almost forgot...the price was also quite cheap.

We didn't do nothin much the first day. Hujan, which is already a bad sign. Nope, raining is never a good sign if your going hiking up a hill. So, we spent our time lazing around in the hostel.
We had to sleep early coz early next morning, were going to the Taman Negara. And there is where the adventure starts...grrr...
That night, the rain still pours heavily.

Monday 19th Mac 07

Woke up early. Got to reach Taman Negara and start climbing around 9:00-10:00am. Van trip from KK to Taman Negara. Around half an hour we reach Taman Negara, we got to see what holds in front of us. The view was magnificant. Masyaallah...ciptaan tuhan. We were awed with gods creation. But, we were also worried. Gunung Kinabalu was not high, it was HUGE!
Oh...i forgot. Dekat Akinabalu, we were joined by Johnny & Donny(adik beradik nih). Johnny is our contact person for this project. A friendly guy, senang nak bergaul. His brother pun ok jugak.
So...back to the story.
Sampai kat Taman Negara, we had to check in with the park rangers, made our payments and had some breakfast first. Little did we know how very precious food are after that breakfast.

Timpohon Gate----Kandis Shelter----Uban Shelter(banyak tupai sini)----Lowii Shelter---Mempening Shelter. We are now 3.5km away from the starting point. Masa kat sini, we are still walking together. Slowly but surely. We didn't have any lunch, but we ate lots of biscuits, power bars etc. But, things became much worse. The rain started to fall around 14:00. And we are only half way up.
Villosa Shelter---Paka Shelter---Waras Hut. Masa ni I'm left with only Pok Leh who kindly walked with me since i was totally PANCITTT!

Every step was a burden, every step painful. Every 10metres feels like 100metres. We were not far. Only 1km more to go. But, dia punyer nak sampai tu punyelah penat. Punyelah seksa. The rain has not stop, malah makin lebat rasanya. The wind was like clinging to your bones. And it was difficult to breath. Very difficult for me.We were 3000metres above sea level, and with rain and wind, the weather was not a good one.Finally reach Laban Rata where there is a restaurant which charges RM32 for a buffet. Very da mahal, but maybe something yang justified coz while climbing we saw porters bringing supplies and the were practically running up!(with heavy load-tong gas for instance). Aku sampai restoran, terus cari secawan kopi. Aku terus mengiggil dan aku jadi terus nak menggigil pasa sedar tak sampai lagi Panar Laban. Aduuhh...tinggi lagi nak naik ke tempat tidur. Dan...hujan masih lagi turun. Sejuk bapakk...
Sampai ke Panar Laban, terus nak tido. Katil bergegar pasal aku mengiggil. The house was cold. And we did not get a good nite sleep at all.
And there was a chance we could not climb tomorrow, coz the rain has not stopped.

Tuesday 20th Mac 07

Guide datang pukul 2:00am dan terkejut tengok kitaorang tak bangun lagi. Makan sikit-sikit, pack sikit-sikit. And off we go into the wee hours of the morning. Sejuk nya takyah nak cerita la. Luckily, hujan dah berenti. And we started climbing dalam pukul 3:00am kot. The darkness of night perhaps helped us climbed as we could not see the view(which was quite dangerous). And without proper rest and proper food, i was weaken by it. And without any extra supplements or 'drugs', i was totally a walking zombie. Meaning to say...aku jalan perlahan gila. And, was left behind quite far gak la by my group. And the road up, was congested with people. So, if you are slow, better you step aside. It was very, very, very tiring. I would take a few steps in climbing, and would rest or sleep on a big rock. I reached the rocky part of the mountain around 5am something, i think. And, i reached the top
of Low's Peak around 7:30am. Lama gila nak sampai atas tuh. I heard many turn back. Ciss...even guide yg follow aku pun suruh aku save energy and turn back. Dalam hati aku, aku cakap gila apa! Aku datang jauh-jauh bukan untuk patah balik. But, physically i was drained. An mentally, i was weak. Later i heard that my group was also memancit when they were climbing, but since they were climbing in small groups at least they have friends to talk too. Me? I was motivating myself and i was becoming a little bit merepek dah. rasa cam nak tidur laa, rasa nak baring laa, dok terpikir berapa harga helikopter nak ambik aku kat sini laaa...Almost cried when i reached the top.
The walk down was much relaxing, but hearting to the toes. And i revealed the route we took to get too the top. Patut laa kita kena panjat pepagi buta.
Rest sekejap kat Panar Laban and around 13:00, we started our way down.
Sampai Timpohon Gate around 18:30, which is quite dark dah masa tu, lebih-lebih lagi kawasan hutan. A quite ride back on the van. Sampai Akinabalu, bersihkan diri..makan malam and tido.
Penat dan barai.

[u]Wednesday 21st Mac 07

Hari rabu dah. Flight nak balik KL is scheduled at 17:30. So, that wednesday, we walked around KK but we walked a different kind of walk. Ada yg jalan cam Happy Feat, ada yang jalan cam baru nak belajar jalan dan ada yang jalan cam dah berumur 80 tahun. Knees, ankle, hips and toes were sore and hurting. BUt, we walked and we enjoyed the walk as we got to see KK. A wonderful place to visit and thanks to Joni yang memang dah banyak kali datang KK who showed us the way.
Flight was delayed for an hour and we reached LCCT around 21:30

All in all, it was an excellent trip and all the pain and hardship i encountered will not make this trip a bad one.
Things that i remembered most:
1. Excellent view from the top
2. KK is a wonderful place.
3. If you get too tired, you don't think straight anymore.
4. Limits of your strength.
5. Once again, my battery failed me when it matters most. Lagi sakit hati bila dah turun bawah, bateri tu ok jer...mencih

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A Month's Coverage

Berarak Di tengah Panas
Happy Happy People
vintage-Memotong Kek
View all 9 photos... might be almost a month since i have an entry in this fotopages nih. Banyak sebab dan alasan yang boleh diberikan tapi it usually rounds up to the same thing:
1. takde mood
2. takde idea
3. takde masa
Hehe...well actually, i was pretty busy. A lot of things have happen in my life for the past 2-3 weeks. My sista in-law got married, so kena la kerja keras sket bantu dia. Maklum la, kita kena la tolong, org dah tolong banyak masa kakaknya kawin masa tu. Budi baik di balas baikkk punyer cilok jon!
Pastu bertandang lak pi Kelantan. my story gets a lttle bit dangerous. I was cruising down the last un-tolled highway in east Malaysia, Lebuhraya Timur-Barat(Grik-Jeli).That wednesday, i has an off day. But still, my phone still rings calls from the office. And, i took a long leave just to ease myself as i was feeling a little tense. So, back to the story.

Mind you, it was the first time i drove alone on this highway which is not your average PLUS highways where the roads are almost straight. No sirr..the roads here, are full of slopes, corners, 50 meter drops. Kiranya, cam Bukit Akina, cuma the turning and churning was TOO LONG and i got tired i think. Stop at a rest 'place'. Hirup udara segar, minum air dan teruskan perjalanan.
Sampai satu tempat di mana ada terowong. Sebelum terowong, adalah corner which was not that sharp but i was going downhill on a speed of maybe 70-80kmh. Aku tengok terowong tuh, aku kagum kerana terowong kat situ bukan macam terowong Jelapang kat Ipoh tuh. It was like, a tunnel from a PS2 game(people who uses this hiway will know what i mean). I was looking at the tunnel while taking the corner.
And then, it hit me..the car was sliding...and its sliding towards the cliff.

A split second decision, god's help. That was all that save me. I swerved to the right. Skidded on the middle of the road, and ended up in a flood drain, which was big enough to land the car in it.
And to me, it all happen in a blink of an eye.

Got out from the car like a NASCAR driver thru the window. People stop by to give assistance. Aku memang terharu masa tu.Dan aku lagi 'terharu' bila ada pakcik tu ajak ramai-ramai angkat keluar keta aku keluar dari longkang. Last-last tow truck gak la yg tarik keta tu keluar. Tapi takla free kann...SMI

Things i have to be thankful to God for(gantikan tag tuh):
1. lepas keta dah keluar dari longkang, stat enjin terus bole hidup dan jalan sampai sekarang.
2. aku bawak keta sorang-sorang, kerana jika aku dgn minik aku, mesti dia tercampak punyer.
3. aku pusing ke kanan dan bukan ke kiri, kerana di sebelah kiri ada gaung sedalam lebih kurang 50 m(and i dun think ill be writin this FP)
4. ayah kak nurul kerana tolong masa buat report exciden tuh, SUSAH GILA NAK BUAT REPORT!
4. aku tak mengalami sebarang kecederaan yg nyata.
5. im still alive

Tapi..aku sedih tengok keta aku

Banyak lagi kisah lucu yg jadi masa tuh, tapi biarlah aku simpan dulu cerita tuh.
p/s- Untuk Elly, sorry tak dapat ambik gambar sebelah Kelantan.
p/s/s-Untuk Sapuan dan pak mertua nyer, tima kasih gigih rescue aku ari tuh.
p/s/s/s- Lek dulu Lou, kinabalu next entry(aku kecik ati kamera aku mengecewakan di puncak)

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Come On You Reds

To The Side
Never Dry Alone
The Emblem

This entry is dedicated to all you Liverpool FC fans out there.
It's been to me, right up till this day... a hopeful season for Liverpool.
Sure, we still could not compete with history where Liverpool was completely in control of the English League, but hopefully we are getting there.
Come on you Reds!

We are still in the Champions League. Next week is the home match with Barcelona. Derm..wish that Eto' patah kaki lagi..Takper, kita tumpukan kepada tomorrow's game lak. Truthfully, in my personal opinion, the league is lost to the big two. But, a lot of pride is at stake here.
Sure, Maybe they can win it this year, but they ain't gonna win it at out own backyard!
Kita tengok jer laa, esok aku balik umah dgn perasaan marah ke gumbira
Come On Reds!

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