You Will Never Walk Alone

By: razmin razak

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Friday, 12-Oct-2007 15:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Aidifitri 1428 Hijrah


Salam Aidilfitri daripada saya dan keluarga kepada semua....
berhati-hati di jalan raya yekk..

Monday, 24-Sep-2007 15:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome Home Raniya Faramin

1st Picture Out Of Mother's Womb
Macam Letak Bedak Sejuk Baby Nih
Well Done Mom!
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And there you have it. She came a little bit early, almost 3 weeks early i reckon. And your dad here is far from ready...hehe.
But, still she was ready to see the world. She was ready to come home.

It all started last friday(21st Sept 07), when my minik call and said that the baby is quiet. No knocks, no kicks, which is understandable during these last moments. But, less then 10 times per day is not a good sign.
So, me being me just said balik nanti kita gi la hospital(since that is what the doctor told us). So, we went, and minik pun kena tahan labor room. And that was only 9:00PM. It was only the next day, 22nd Sept 07 that Raniya said hello to the world. She weigh about 2.65kg.
Huhu..i never thought this day would happen for me. And, im very proud to say that i was with my wife when it all happen.

Alhamdulillah, Raniya Faramin dah pun berumur 3 hari sekarang. Walau bagaimanapun, being 1st time parents kitaorg berhati-hati lorr...takut, maklumlah 1st time parents nih pengalaman tak berapa ada aaa...

Saturday, 15-Sep-2007 05:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Picture In A Picture

Can You See The Face?
Ada Yg Kata Macam Muka Makcik Dia Lakk
Salam Ramadhan
Wow...has it been really a month since my last entry? And, its already the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Its time for new resolutions lah for all of us.

And, im getting nearer to upgrading my life's status, Insyallah. From a single guy, to a married man. And now, most probably less than a month from gonna be a dad.

Hehe...never thought that day would come this fast. Half of my friends dah pun meninmang anak masing-masing. Some dah ada dua dah. Some have already one, and one more on the way. Some are just waiting for the days to come(like me) . And, some still awaits their turn. Yup, semua ni rezeki yg tuhan bagi. Its up to Allah to decide, if your getting one early or latter. Don't lose to much sleep over it. Beside, think of it as an extended honeymoon period. Heheh

Being a dad? What do i know about being a father? Heck...what do i know. I've never been one. Although all of has a father, or a father figure to look up to. Maybe, i'll just look from there and improvise and upgrade whenever it is needed, eh? It is simple?
Don't think so. I know my parents had a hard time parenting our small family( 3adik beradik jer). Just think of how some people can manage, like 9-10 children. Perghh... . My cousins ada yg datang from a BIG family. 9-10 orang adik beradik. Sometimes, i envy them.
But, back to being a parent. Are we all ready to be a parent? To me, ready or not...the time is coming and nak ke taknak, we have to change. Well, i need to change. Tak leh la lagi pikir cam orang bujang lagi. I know...sometimes i do think like a bachelor, gi minum malam2 dengan kengkawan. main futsal, pastu gi minum. pergi kedai potong dengan member. Lets face it, before marriage, some of us spend way to much time with friends. Its hard to let that go, when ur married.
Luckily, i have an understanding minik who although sometimes feel that i spend too much time with friends..doesn't stop me from doing things i like. Macam gi minum2 kat kedai mamak, sambil tengok EPL.
Those things, although nak kata dibuang terus memang i won't commit. But, pembahagian masa between friends and family is something that i need to start doing.

How to be a good dad? Hmm...haven't thought about it yet. But, im pretty sure, semua org nak jadi ibubapa yg terhebat, supaya anak-anak tu nanti jadi manusia yg terhebat...aminn

So, yeah. Start thinking of my family first.

p/s--congrats to Che Kiah, dah dapat anak dah!
congrats gak kat sern & liza. Dapat adik la Nabil tahun depan...
salam ramadhan untuk semua

Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 14:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beaches For Free

Pangkor In The Past
Ombak Di Pantai
Kanak-Kanak Bergembira
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Quote: really has been more than one month since i last updated my fpages. Time just flies by so fast if you keep your self occupied with all the work(not that i have much to do). Maybe im just being lazy, just not making myself wanting to upload. Hopefully this would faze away, as i still do take pictures, bring my camera along(as long as it still works) for visits, vacations and such..
But the uploading part, teramat lah payah nyer. But,'s my latest uploads(not my latest pictures la. Two sets of pictures, one from Pangkor and the other one from Port Dickson

The last time i visited was when i was small. Even the boats that time was with no air conditioning. I think i still have pictures of me handling the 'big sterring' . 3 months back me and my wife went on a vacation on that island. Im not gonna talk about the place i stayed in cause it was crappy.
But, the island was not like how i remembered it. Maybe cause, dulu-dulu kalau gi sana pun cari ikan bilis jer. The roads are small, i think everyone knows everyone. There are occasional mat rempits gak la, but i think the local police tau anak sapa tuhh...small place. Nice place.

Port Dickson was not a place i have good memories. The last time i remembered was swimming in muddy waters. Masa tu, PD memang tengah banyak construction, so the sea was very bad. 2 weeks back, went there with friends, dekat CORUS(not the hotel, mind you). Spent one nite there, dapat la merasa mandi laut sket...
Bagi baby rasa air laut sebelum dia lahir...

Wednesday, 6-Jun-2007 13:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Emergence of The Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Right Here...
You Will Never Walk Alone(Part II)
What is the connection of the picture and the title? Nothin...heh
Got no pictures to post lorr.. So, i took and old picture of my bust-up car after that accident in Grik.
Car is all better now, although it could have been much more better. Damn you cheap accesories type of salesman. You conman you....!

So, the emergence of the silver surfer? Well...fantastic 4 is coming up tak lama lagi. So, May till July we are bombarded with films that have been long awaited, macam Pirates, Transformers, Shrek and even local movies macam Sumo-Lah. But, sadly i haven't seen not even one. Sibuk it doesn't feel nice to go without the minik kann... Dia pung susah nak bergerak-gerak, kang bantai nak muntah kang dlm panggung kang, kann agak sukar...
So, we just have to wait laa for other 'sources'..heheh

Since my last entry, a few things have happen
1. Liverpool lost in the finals of Champions League. Huhuhu...was devastated, so was the whole gang. The same geng that came for the 2005 finals which we won. But, luck has it that big old ears will not go to anfield this year. Oh well, there's always next year.
p/s---kitaorg semua bersetuju yg amer lah punca kekalahan malam tuh. kalau dia join jer mesti liverpool kalah..derm la amer..!

2. Minik dah 5 bulan pregnant. Hehe...tummy is getting bigger and bigger but not big enuff to make people believe she's pregnant. Insyallah bulan 10 nih, gue jadi papa. Harap-harap gue tak jadi papa jahat.
3. This is my third week keje kat KL balik. And i really miss the roads of Penang. Huhuh..kenapa lah i have to spend one and half hours a day(depending on weather, public holidays, school holidays) on the road just to get to work and back home. I gotta find a place to stay which is near LRT aaa.

All in all, things have been good to me. Good to my wife.
Its a good life, we just have to be thankful. And, maybe things WILL get better.

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